Gibraltar EMF

Gibraltar EMF

Gibraltar EMF

I am going to go to Gibraltar EMF,more information


What to wear

Bathing suit or summer clothes! Lots of sun and lots of water

Foot & Drink

There are many hours of partying, so you should locate well the food, water, ice cream and relax stands


To keep your belongings safe inside the festival you will find a coat check where you can leave your things. Be sure to keep your ticket so that you can recover your things. (the festival organize are not responsible for lost or stolen items)


There will be Merchandising stands inside the festival, so you can bring a piece of “Gibraltar EMF” with you all the year.

Where do you leave your car?

Parking 5 minutes from the festival: Ocean Village Parking, Laguna Multi Storey Parking and Landport Parking

How to cross the boader

Walking or by car and always with ID or passport