Gibraltar EMF

Gibraltar EMF

Gibraltar EMF

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Once upon a bassline in 2007, Frank-E and SpinVox ran and performed in the first DJ night at Rock On The Rock Club in Gibraltar. Shortly after, Plata-44 joined in. This sequence continued until Re-Sorted, Nu Era, Spherik & Riddla became regulars.

We kinda got a bit tired of putting 7 names on every poster haha so one day in a small, quiet, unheard-of pub on an island, in a lake, in a cave, in a mountain, the 7 DJ’s met up and had an official meeting where we ate stray cats, drank each others urine and among other things, discussed how to take our events and our group forward …

SUB-SELECTIVE WAS BORN… but this baby slapped the doctor instead!!

Big ambitions, we plan to deliver the same expert DJ skills and perfect set selection to provide you with a night you won’t forget!!!

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